1. Intruder Alarms
    We install intruder alarm to both private and public building. We also supply and install all monitoring equipment including time attendance
  2. Security Staff
    We provide efficient and effective security staff to both private and public sector including night club, hotel, hospital and retail
  3. Crime Prevention
    We supply and install crime prevention equipment like monitoring radio equipment and cameras to private and public road. We supply and Install security cameras, street cameras, surveillance equipment which include traffic light and mobile bomb detector


CRB Checked

SIA Licensed

SITO Trained


Here's what we offer to make you feel safe and secure.

  1. Intruder Alarms
    We will supply and fit the latest technology in intruder alarms to protect your home and business. There are a variety of intruder alarm packages to choose from, and each can be tailored to best meet your security needs. All are fully compliant with the highest industry standards and regulations. These Alarm Packages include: A wired or wireless system. Contacts on doors and windows to detect intruders before they’ve even entered your property. Internal infra-red passives with pet-friendly motion detection. Systems that provide immediate notifications of intrusion, fire, or both. System event reports sent directly to you, or to a monitoring station for round the clock protection. We also provide maintenance contracts on new installations & existing systems (even if not installed by us). Intruder Alarms… Burglar Alarms… House Alarms… Security Alarms… Whatever you wish to call them, our alarm systems will enable you to have the piece of mind you and your family need.
  2. Security Staff
    We supply first lass security guard and support staff to look after your properties. Based in London UK and working out of our well equipped and modern spy shop, which boasts state of the art facilities, our team ensures all our products not only meets industry expectations but exceeds them. Our aim is to ensure you receive the best spy equipment for your demand with confidence that it’s been designed and manufactured to a high standard and is reliable. With a wide variety of spy gear available for an ever growing range of needs it’s of paramount importance that you shop wisely and select the best products for your requirements. Our team of professionals which includes some of the best manufacturers and covert surveillance specialists in the UK, are at hand to guide you.
    Solar powered street lights are becoming very popular around the world. We offer a great selection most of which can be used for car parks and general area lighting. They are available with or without a column. PIR detector and all-in-one version available. Using the latest LED technology they are very powerful and can illuminate large areas. In addition there are no bulb changes and almost zero maintenance! We also offer systems that can attach to an existing post or column so it is easier than ever to retro-fit your current lighting. As no mains power is required, our products can be DIY installed without the need of an electrician. Fast, efficient UK and Europe delivery service.
  4. Surveillance Equipment
    We are leading supplies of state of the art electronic surveillance, spy gadget and spy equipment in the UK, African and around the world. Ensuring individuals, businesses, private detectives and government bodies alike are empowered with the latest technology and industry knowledge to combat the threats through active and counter surveillance solutions.
    We are an innovative & dynamic company that evolved from a team of dedicated professionals based in Europe and Nigeria. Established since 2003, we are currently Nigeria's largest vehicle tracking company, with over 50 fully qualified installation and recovery engineers nationwide. We are committed to providing best of breed high technology solutions in asset security and management to ensure that our clients' assets have over 95% chance of recovery when stolen. We do this by pulling together cutting edge telematics technology to deliver robust and reliable solutions for our customers.
  6. Police and Security monitoring radio
    Our new police camera support add GPS longitude and latitude as stamp on the video file, it's support conversation to each other through walkie talkie module with maximum 8 sets, range up to 200 meters in open area.
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