Who are we and what do we stand for? 

Part of a large global group of companies operating in united kingdom and Nigeria operated by certified professionals in security and safety management. We will provide you with clear solutions to any risk your community or properties may face. TOSC is incorporated in United Kingdom and Nigeria.
It operates a growth model patterned along both organic growth and through  acquisitions with foreign partners. It has relationship with local and international affiliates with trust worthy records. TOSC has unparalleled expertise in installing  Access Control, home security cameras to video surveillance systems for business premises to large complex projects such as urban traffic management systems, town Centre CCTV systems, Street cameras, Biometrics and  security  surveillance systems. Utilising the latest in CCTV security technology, Video Analytics, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), High Definition security cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV equipment.

Working closely with our customers has allowed us to design and develop new innovative security solutions for which we supply to the market with great results. This approach in new product development has given us the ability to create many of the market leading surveillance products for the home, work and personal use all over the world. 
Don’t Become a Victim
A common question asked to us is “how can I protect myself against criminals?” To allow us to answer this first of all we must identify what the main threats are; whether you live with someone who you suspect is stealing from you or an employee who is taking liberties at work we are here to help.
The fact of the matter is, without any hard evidence in the form of video or sound recordings it’s very difficult to prosecute or take any educated action at all. Take action and find out the facts so you can sleep at night without anymore worry. Speak with our team of professionals today either by email or phone so we can better understanding of your specific requirements.  We can assure you that privacy is paramount and discreet delivery of products and advice is assured.
TOSC deliver solutions that are at the leading edge.